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Our Pottery

Poetry On Pots
We combine a love of written expression with our passion for functional pottery. ¬†Each piece is created on the pottery wheel and then hand stamped with original words and verse – In this way our pottery speaks to others in form and with words. ¬†Each piece is unique and made as much with Michelle’s hands as with her heart.

Slab Hand Building
Includes trays, dishes and bowls that are pressed with the outline of vintage doilies. The results are vintage, yet modern stoneware. Perfect for decorative or functional use.

All of Our Pottery
All of our pottery is made from stoneware clay and is food safe and microwave/dishwasher safe.

If you have words of your own that you would like to see brought to life on our pottery vessels please contact us to discuss this further.

To see more of our work and to purchase, please visit our etsy store.